According to research published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, just 2 months of moderate exercise can alter your gut bacteria profile, specifically those species that affect chronic inflammation. The study monitored the gut bacteria of 2 groups of previously sedentary, elderly women. One group exercised for 8 weeks and the other did not. At the end, the active women had significantly more of certain types of bacteria associated with fighting inflammation and fewer of the kinds that encourage it. Considering that chronic inflammation is thought to be a factor in many diseases- including heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer’s- this study provides yet another reason to prioritize exercise!And if that isn’t motivation enough, how about joining the Running for Research Prader- Willi Syndrome team and training to raise money for PWS research? Visualize the benefits! You will improve your health and further research at the same time. We have several race options. You can sign up to run a Virtual Race ( 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, or 1 mile kid’s race ) any time and any place you chose. Or, if a visit to Gainesville sounds appealing, you can sign up for our Gainesville Fun Run 5k and Kid’s Races on Saturday March 6th, 2022. This event will be captained by Dr. Jennifer Miller and will be concluded with a picnic.

Please browse our website to learn more and to register to be part of the team.