Since my arrival at Ursinus College as the Mens Lacrosse Coach our team has fully embraced our children and made them part of the program.  They welcome them at practices and at all team events as a part of the team. Our children have truly grown to love being a part of Bears family and we love that our boys get to grow up around such a selfless, respectful, caring group of young men. 

This Fall the senior class approached us about hosting an event to raise money for PWS in honor of Owen.  Shortly after this the DCCR trial was announced and they immediately got on board to raise money for Running for Research. Additionally, they welcomed our Women’s Lacrosse Team who joined in our fundraising efforts.

Together we exceeded our goal of $6,000 and we honored the fundraiser and PWS community by running a 5k together this past weekend.

Our family is truly grateful that our young warrior Owen gets to grow up around such an inspirational group of men and women who put others before themselves and embrace the opportunity to make a difference.

We are thrilled our efforts could be a small part of the incredible work Running for Research has done for the PWS community.

Gary Mercadante